THE COSMIC CAMPFIRE: Re-Kindling Humanity’s Biggest Questions 

Brought to you by the people behind The Liturgists Gathering, Theology Beer Camp, and the Wild Goose Festival

February 1-2 | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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FRIDAY 6-7 Happy Hour + Check-In 7-930 Opening Session 930-1030 Cosmic Karaoke  

SATURDAY 9-930 coffee 930-1100 Main Session 11-1200 Sherpa Group Time 12-130 Lunch Break 130 -300 Breakout Session 300-330 Coffee 330-500 Main Session 500-630 Dinner Break 630-700 Happy Half Hour 7-930 Podcastery 930-1030 Literal Campfire

A no-holds-barred curiosity cauldron where no big-ass question of ultimate meaning will go un-answered

Silos: we all get stuck in ‘em. The same specialization that makes planes and processors possible can also fragment our collective knowledge base, bleeding out all the wisdom. This makes us divided, anxious, pedantic...and a lot less fun.  

When science and spirituality stop talking to each other, when questions about science, the mind, humanity and origins have to visit their parents every-other-weekend, we all miss out.

We aim to bring the family back together for 2 days this February, daring to ask old questions that just might have even bigger answers.

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The Cosmic Campfire is like no gathering we’ve ever seen - but one we’ve really wanted

We will be talking about...

Cosmic Origins

Deep Ecology

Human Evolution

Real Transformation

...and what happens at the nexus of good science, good faith, and good questions.

A few of our conversation partners

A scientifically-rigorous, skeptically-persistent, experimentally-intoxicating, and spiritually-humble pop-up community where we get to roast marshmallows and talk about God.

It’s what would happen if Rumi, Julian of Norwich, Darwin, Lao Tzu, Socrates, and Jesus made s'mores together. 

Is this the kind of community that you want to be a part of? 

We thought so.

We’ll be announcing the scientists, mystics, theologians and vocational wonder-ers as we book them. Seats are limited. To grab your seat around the campfire, drop your email here to be among the first people to know the details.