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Would Jesus Be Afraid?

Holy Week’s Antisemitic Burden

March 30th @ Noon ET

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Rabbi, Professor, & Public Intellectual

Dr. Edelheit was a rabbi in Reform synagogues for thirty years and retired as an Emeritus Professor of Religious and Jewish Studies. His lifelong investment in inter-religious dialogue shaped his work as a scholar and community leader.

The church has a long history of antisemitism that must be addressed. What if it continues to linger unseen in how we read, interpret, and share the central narrative of Jesus? In this teach-in, Rabbi Edelheit will introduce you to the changing contours of antisemitism, uncover its historical roots, and walk us through the texts of Holy Week as we work to wrestle them from a treacherous legacy.

The Three Elements:


An eye-opening lecture from Rabbi Edenheit laying out the History of Christian Antisemitism, both past and present. Here you will gain a framework for the larger conversation.


A guided deep dive into the Gospel texts that tell the story of Holy Week. We intend to wrestle these texts from their antisemitic interpreters and empower you to do the same.


An open, honest, and lively conversation between Rabbi Edelheit, two Christian theologians, and all those who join the teach-in.

About the Contributors

While a Christian theologian can't avoid discussing Jewish texts or the faith, for much of our history, we did so without the presence and contributions of our Jewish neighbors. The lasting legacy of antisemitism is an ongoing tragedy in the life of the church, and we hope to respond by having this conversation differently. I am thrilled for Rabbi Edelheit to lead this gathering and for him to be joined by his friend and Christian theologian, Tony Jones. Having seen Joseph lecture before, I am confident you will be blown away as I was. I am excited to have Tony join the conversation. While he was working on his book on the cross, Did God Kill Jesus? I remember him telling me how transformative his ongoing dialog with Joseph was throughout the writing process. I am eager for us all to reap the benefits of their decades-long friendship.


Joseph was a rabbi in Reform synagogues for thirty years, earned a doctorate in Christian theology, and retired as an Emeritus Professor of Religious and Jewish Studies. He has served as a prison chaplain, on a Presidential Advisory Council for HIV/AIDS, created a multi-faith orphanage in rural India for children with HIV/AIDS, and removed five swastikas constructed into the original 1931 facade of a Catholic cathedral in rural Minnesota. He is the author of several books, including, What am I missing?: Questions about Being Human.


Tony Jones is the author of Did God Kill Jesus? and an award-winning outdoors writer. He’s written a dozen books, including The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier and The Sacred Way: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life, hosts the Reverend Hunter Podcast, and has taught at Fuller Theological Seminary since 2011. He served as a consultant on the television show The Path and owns an adventure guiding company, Crucible Creative. Tony is married, has three children, and lives in Edina, Minnesota.


Meet the Host.

Tripp Fuller just moved back to North Carolina after three years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Theology & Science at the University of Edinburgh. He recently released Divine Self-Investment: a Constructive Open and Relational Christology, the first book in the Studies in Open and Relational Theology series. For over 15 years Tripp has been doing the Homebrewed Christianity podcast (think on-demand internet radio) where he interviews different scholars about their work so you can get nerdy in traffic, on the treadmill, or doing the dishes. Last year it had over 4 million downloads. It also inspired a book series with Fortress Press called the Homebrewed Christianity Guides to... topics like God, Jesus, Spirit, Church History, etc. Tripp is a committed and (some of his friends think overly ) engaged Lakers fan who takes Star Wars and Lord of the Rings seriously.


We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

A deep-dive learning opportunity like this is normally priced around $49, but nothing is required to join. This HBC teach-in is donation based, including 0. After you sign-up you are in and should receive an auto-triggered welcome email. Once you sign-up the browser will direct you to the optional donation page where you can give as able.

How will I join the teach-in work?

You will receive an email before the gathering with all the info on accessing and joining the live stream, along with the class outline/notes as a PDF. You can enter through your computer, tablet, or phone, where you can engage others in the chat throughout and ask your questions during the dialog sections.

Do I have to join live?

Nope! If you cannot join live or are only able to be online for part of the teach-in, don't hesitate to go ahead and join. After the teach-in, we will send everyone a link to the digital archive page where you can watch the video on demand or download the audio.

Can I access the content later?

Yes! Afterward, you will get an email with access to the resource page where you can watch the video archive or download the audio.  

Can I host a group viewing?

Definitely! You can organize a group to join the teach-in live or use the video archive to break the content up into a few sessions with your group. Just let us know if you are gonna host a group.

What's the teach-in schedule?

The teach-in will run approximately 4 hours, from noon to 4:00pm ET on March 30th. There will be a break between the two main segments. The opening segment will explore the history of Christian antisemitism, and in the second segment, we will walk through the Holy Week texts working to read them without antisemitism.