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A Guide to the Most Misused, Problematic, & Prooftexted Letter in the Bible

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A 5-Session Series on Paul's Letter to the Romans

Launching Septemeber, 2023

Venture into the depth and richness of Paul's letter to the Romans in this dynamic five-session online course. Guided by the acclaimed biblical scholar Dr. J. R. Daniel Kirk, participants will be introduced to the central themes, historical background, and transformative messages of this pivotal New Testament text. Having published two books on Romans, Kirk will bring clarity and fresh perspectives to one of the most foundational Christian writings.

5 Lectures from Dr. Kirk walking through Romans

You will receive 5 lectures from Dr. Kirk that moves through the text and the central themes of Romans.

Weekly Q&A Session with Daniel & Tripp

Fostering a rich dialogue on Romans and responding to your big questions

Online Learning Community of Learners

Everyone will be invited to join the private online group to connect with other nerds and have access to everything in Audio/Video on the class resource page.

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Embark on this transformative journey to navigate the profound truths of Paul's magnum opus. Whether you're a seasoned theologian, a faith seeker, or simply someone intrigued by the origins of Christian thought, this course promises insightful revelations and a deeper connection to the heart of Romans.

Course Outline:

Session 1: 

Orienting to Romans & Diving In

A glimpse into the world of first-century Rome. Understanding Paul's motivations and the letter's central message.The socio-political backdrop and the importance of context.

Session 2: Justification by Faith - Redefining the People of God

Unraveling Paul's revolutionary vision of faith-based justification.The reimagining of God's covenantal community.Addressing misconceptions and exploring the broader implications for the church.

Session 3: 

Resurrection Life

Session 4: 

So, About Israel

Session 5:

 Living the Jesus Story

The transformative power of Christ's resurrection in shaping believers' lives.Living in the Spirit: From theological concept to practical reality.How the resurrection redefines life, identity, and purpose.

Unpacking Paul's nuanced relationship with Israel and its role in God's redemptive plan.Exploring controversial passages and their implications.Israel's ongoing significance in the unfolding narrative of redemption.

Drawing parallels between Jesus' teachings and Paul's exhortations in Romans.How to embody the message of Romans in the modern world.Romans as a guide for ethical living, communal relationships, and societal engagement.

Meet the Hosts

Dr. Tripp Fuller

Homebrewed Christianity Podcast

Tripp just moved back to North Carolina after three years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Theology & Science at the University of Edinburgh. He recently released Divine Self-Investment: a Constructive Open and Relational Christology, the first book in the Studies in Open and Relational Theology series. For over 15 years Tripp has been doing the Homebrewed Christianity podcast (think on-demand internet radio) where he interviews different scholars about their work so you can get nerdy in traffic, on the treadmill, or doing the dishes. Last year it had over 4 million downloads. It also inspired a book series with Fortress Press called the Homebrewed Christianity Guides to... topics like God, Jesus, Spirit, Church History, etc. Tripp is a very committed and (some of his friends think overly ) engaged Lakers fan and takes Star Wars and Lord of the Rings very seriously.

Dr. J. R. Daniel Kirk

Daniel Kirk (Ph.D., Duke University) is an award-winning New Testament scholar whose work takes place at the intersection of history, biblical interpretation, and real life.

He is currently broadening his intellectual and vocational horizons by studying to be a Physician Assistant.

Look for upcoming work to have a robust dose of science and politics mixed into the biblical conversations.

Awesome Books from Dr. Kirk


When does the class meet?

The class is asynchronous, and you can participate fully without being present at any specific time. The weekly streaming session will occur on four consecutive WEDNESDAYS at 9pm ET in September.

How do I get access to the class content?

The complete class content collection will be available on the password-protected resource page. Each session's downloadable audio and video will be uploaded there and available for at least a year.

What happens after I sign up?

The email you enter when signing up will receive an email from tripp[at]homebrewedchristianity[dot]com. The email will include access to the resource page, details on how to join the class Facebook group, and more.

Do I have to have Facebook?

No. Facebook is not required to participate, but an additional way to connect with other class members and interact throughout the class.