Ruining Dinner: Religion, Politics, & the Elephant in the Room

an Election Season Pop-Up Community of Learning & Solidarity

Join the Table & Ruin Your Dinner.

Dr. Tripp Fuller

Dr. Diana Butler Bass

This Year. This Election. Ugh.

When the headlines bleed and your relatives are screaming at each other online, who knows what this election season will bring. For many of us, some of our closest relationships are strained and fracturing at thought of 4 more years of this. Well, as we approach election day (or month?!!) let's do it together. You don't have to ruin ever dinner alone - let us help!

Diana & Tripp are dedicated to ruining your dinner this election season. We will talk religion, politics, and the (orange) elephant in the room. Nothing makes living through an apocalyptic moment bearable like venting, thinking, resisting, VOTING, and (if we can manage it) hoping with friends. Join these two scholars of religion as as we discuss all the things on the no-no list.

Our Election Season Pop-Up Community

  • Weekly Live Streams: Diana & Tripp will gather online to share timely insights as scholars of religion about the present moment, introduce you to some other progressive Christian scholars/activists, and tackle questions/topics from the community.
  • Private Community Facebook Group: We will have a private FB group so you can have a MAGA-free space in your feed & a community of people to ride with.
  • Moments of Gratitude & Reflection: In these anxious times we will work to cultivate a deeper spiritual center amidst our crazy times.
  • Email Updates: Info on all the streams, resources, and opportunities will be shared so no one is out of the loop.
  • A Community Archive: All the content will be archived and available to each member online. You do NOT have to join live to get everything.

Diana Butler Bass

Public Scholar of American Religion

Dr. Bass is an award-winning author, popular speaker, inspiring preacher, and one of America’s most trusted commentators on religion and contemporary spirituality. She is the author of ten books, including her most recent, Grateful: The Subversive Power of Giving Thanks.  Diana’s passion is sharing great ideas to change lives and the world – a passion that ranges from informing the public about spiritual trends, challenging conventional narratives about religious practice, entering the fray of social media with spiritual wisdom and smart theology, and writing books to help readers see themselves, their place in history, and God differently. You can connect with her on Twitter or by subscribing to her popular newsletter, The Cottage.

Tripp Fuller

Founder and President, MSPT

Dr. Fuller is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Theology & Science at the University of Edinburgh. For over 12 years Tripp has been doing the Homebrewed Christianity podcast (think on demand internet radio) where he interviews different scholars about their work so you can get nerdy in traffic, on the treadmill or doing the dishes. Last year it had over 3.5 million downloads. It also inspired a book series with Fortress Press called the Homebrewed Christianity Guides to... topics like God, Jesus, Spirit, Church History etc. Tripp is a very committed and (some of his friends think overly ) engaged Lakers fan and takes Star Wars and Lord of the Rings very seriously.